Power Team

Noshin Khan

Founder & Visioner of Alokia

Noshin Khan first got the motivation of Alokia when she saw beautiful handcraft blankets made by rural women of Bangladesh. She realized that they produce high quality products and has the capacity to make more if there were demands. Prices they received for their work was really low and didn’t contribute towards improving their livelihood. So Noshin came up with the idea of working with some of these women from a small town of Bangladesh and gathered them to form Alokia. At the initial stage, she started with 4 others but now Alokia has a team of 7 inspiring women who dreams of living a better life through Alokia’s success.




Moli has studied up to high school after which she started her family and never returned to school. She is the mother of one beautiful baby boy. She specializes in making ‘Nokshi Katha.’ Moli is a homemaker. She married at a young age and is now trying to earn her way back to financial independence to contribute to her family’s well-being.


Jesmine is 30 years old. She is the mother of 2 children. She specializes in making cusion covers. Jesmine is a homemaker.



Anu is a homemaker from Bogra. She is the of 2 children. Anu specializes in making wonderful applique designs on bed-cover. Anu dreams of contributing to her family with financial independence.


She is the mother of 3 children. She specializes in making Nokshi Katha. Golap is a homemaker and a very hardworking person.



She is the mother of 1 child. She specializes in doing applique designs. Jolly is a homemaker and her husband is a mechanic. She is not allowed to work outside so Alokia is a great platform for her where she can work staying at her home.


She is the mother of 2 children. She specializes in making wool designs. Ruma is a homemaker and wants to support her family.