We listen to your question. Here are the frequently asked questions by you. If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

1What is Alokia’s vision and mission?
Alokia’s vision is to make an impact in lives of people who makes our products. We are a transparent and alternate business which wants to make our customers happy with quality products and thus bring positive changes to the lives of people who makes the products. We believe this will come about as more and more of us buy in line with our values.
2What type of business are you?
Alokia is set to operate as a co-operative where everyone who makes the products are also co-owner of the company. We are currently operating on a small scale with a total of 8 persons. We do not have any support staffs and different generous people with special skills voluntary helps with support functions of the business.
3Who funded Alokia initially?
The model of Alokia is such that it did not require a huge fund to start operation. Since everyone who makes our products are also the owner of the business, all our products have been put up for sale by our owner makers for a small amount of cost value. Our initial fund came from few generous well-wishers of our model who preferred to stay anonymous.
4Why did you choose the name Alokia?
Alokia is a unique word derived from the Bangla word of ‘Alo’ which means light. Our objective is to enlighten the lives of people involved in the project. So a word that relates to enlightenment seemed appropriate.
5Under what conditions are Alokia’s products made?
All of Alokia’s products are made at homes of our owner-makers. Women involved at Alokia are all full time mothers and home makers. They do not have any formal education or full-time employment. All they have are wonderful crafting skills. With that skill, they wish to contribute to their families’ development. Alokia’s products were made at individual houses of our women owners only by themselves. These are self-made products without any help from any other internal or external persons.
6How do you decide a price point for a product?
We seek to make all company decisions in line with our core values. When deciding on a price point, we apply two principles. Firstly, we discuss with the maker and identify the costs ensuring that they get proper remuneration of their skills and hard work. Alokia also follows regional price for its items depending on the buyers location. Inside Bangladesh, we decide on our price depending on the city the customer is based at. And internationally we also have different prices based on purchasing power parity calculation. Our pricing and cost models are transparent and fully disclosed to every customer. We seek to get a price that is fair for both the producers and consumers and continually review our business model to find new ways to make sure that all products are both quality made and fairly priced with the objective of making the lives of our makers better.
7Where are you located?
Alokia was founded in Bogra, a small town located in the North-Western part of Bangladesh. Everyone in our team are from Bogra. The 7 women that makes our products are from a same community within 30 minutes walking distances from each other. We sell locally and internally through word of mouth and through online platform, alokia.com
8What can I expect when I buy a product from you?
We want you to be on the journey with us. We will make every effort to be as visible as possible through this process and will provide you with a chance to learn about the positive social impact experienced by our workers. In the future, amongst other things, we will also provide: - More videos from the homes of our makers describing how and under what conditions your products were made. - An opportunity to ask questions directly to people who makes your products
9With such an alternative business model, is Alokia sustainable?
At Alokia, our goals are carefully chosen. We aspire to provide quality products to our customers with a profit margin that our makers need to improve their lives. We are not designed to become a big company. However, if this is a successful model and brings us success, we will embrace the growth. Alokia’s success parameters are not traditional financial bottom line based. We measure success with the impact we can bring to lives of people involved.
10How can I get updates on your progress?
We want to keep you in the loop on how things progress. Please sign up to receive regular updates here.