About Alokia

Our success is measured with social impact

The name Alokia is inspired from the Bangla word ‘Alo’ which means light. Alokia is set to enlighten lives of women craft workers from Bangladesh whose wonderful handcraft items do not reach wider customer base due to lack of a supporting platform. Alokia is an incubator portal through which we aim to bring positive changes to the lives of women from our community. Alokia is a cooperate business model where everyone involved are cooperative owners of the initiative. It is a transparent business model where consumer gets to know how their products are made, who makes those, under what condition and at what cost. While improving lives of all women who are involved is our primary goal, Alokia is also proud of its product quality and the care with which its products are made. All our products are hand made by individual women who makes these items sitting at the yard of their village homes. Everyone involved in Alokia means little individually but together we are set to live a better life in future.

Our Power Team

Our Motivation

Alokia challenges contemporary profit-driven business models by removing the barrier between the consumers and people who makes the products. It’s an incubator platform for individual women who fails to make an impact alone but have great collective potential. Our objective is to bring forward these ladies from a small community of Bangladesh to the world platform to showcase their talent. It’s a transparent model where consumer gets to know how their products were made and also the cost breakdown of items they purchase.


Noshin Khan

Founder & Visioner of Alokia

Noshin Khan first got the motivation of Alokia when she saw beautiful handcraft blankets made by rural women of Bangladesh. She realized that they produce high quality products and has the capacity to make more if there were demands. Prices they received for their work was really low and didn’t contribute towards improving their livelihood. So Noshin came up with the idea of working with some of these women from a small town of Bangladesh and gathered them to form Alokia. At the initial stage, she started with 4 others but now Alokia has a team of 7 inspiring women who dreams of living a better life through Alokia’s success.